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Secrets Of Creating Wealth
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Secrets Of Creating Wealth

Rave Reviews

"...Just Follow Stephen's

"Stephen Pierce's enthusiasm, zest and message is positively magnetic.
With absolutely no advantages and everything against him Stephen shows
you how anybody can rise above any obstacle to become successful,
wealthy and happy. How? Just follow Stephen's message."

-Yanik Silver
Internet Marketing Expert, Author of Public Domain Riches

"...get these audios's now!"

"Stephen Pierce is a perfect example of someone who doesn't just learn
what everyone else learns, he applies what everyone else doesn't. His
Wealth audio's will show anyone who is serious about really making it
financially, how to do it. If you are one of those people who is
looking to make it big by winning the lottery, this is NOT for you.
However, if you are prepared to listen and follow the wisdom of a man
who has risen from the depths of despair to multimillionaire, get these
audio's now!"

John Assaraf
New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

"Five Minutes To Change Your Destiny"

"NOTHING teaches better than experience and example... and Stephen
Pierce gives you BOTH! His Wealth audio's give you practical examples,
steps, and tools that make a difference in your life -- FAST!

Within the first 5 minutes, Stephen gives you specific strategies you
can use to change your DESTINY and they come straight from the depths
of his own experiences.. the same experiences he used to transform his
life into one of unlimited abundance.

His genuine desire to help you succeed and find your own path to
greatness shines through in every minute of this power-packed program!
Do yourself and your family a favor, get this program NOW!

Jim Edwards Author,
"5 Steps To Getting Anything You Want"

"Right On Target!"

"Stephen, I just finished your "Wealth" program and I have to say
congrats...The concept of the Third Influence is "right on target". I
realized also that although I thought I "knew it", the way you explain
"little changes" reminded me to "do what I know". Thanks for nudging me
back on track in a few areas. We all need it!"

Jim Fleck
Instant Profits Marketing

"Stephen Pierce stands out amongst the crowd..."

"I've known most of the Internet Marketing "gurus". Stephen Pierce
stands out amongst the crowd for three reasons.

1. He knows things no one else knows

2. He knows how to teach his ideas so you can really apply them.

3. His ideas make people money...frequently, a ton of money.

I recommend and respect his abilities and unique skills. You will
benefit from anything you learn from him."

-Jay Abraham

"Stephen, you changed our lives."

Stephen, you changed our lives. In 2007 in Australia, we joined your
coaching program and as a result, our monthly income has skyrocketed.
You have changed our lives Fast and Forever!

Vanya & Jody Markiewicz

"... you continue to be amazing!"

"Stephen taught us to build our marketing campaign around a main theme,
and the main theme Stephen created for us addressed one of our
customers' main pain points. We then supported this main theme with
four subthemes that each addressed more customer pain points. This was
the first time we deliberately launched a new product using themes...
and we were very successful. Thank you Stephen, you continue to be

Greg Poulos

"...boy was I wrong to call this just "another" audio set!"

"Stephen - in my industry, it seems like each week a new
wealth-attraction program comes out. So when I first saw you were doing
one I thought `How nice, ANOTHER audio set about Wealth Atttraction.'
But when I started listening to your audio...boy, was I wrong to call
this just "another" audio set!

You're one of the very few people I know who pours his ENTIRE heart and
soul into your teaching. Your passion is contagious. Not to mention, I
had a few `eye-opening' moments along the way. (I love your section on
the importance of `frustration'. You've literally changed the way I
view my business.) These new audio are a welcome burst of fresh air.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your wisdom - I 100%
recommend `Secrets of Creating Wealth'!"

Chris Zavadowski,

"Instant ML'M Sales Letters"

"...the content is Right On!! "

My thoughts where after going through the audios the first time?...
(and that's all it took to grab a winning formula) ... "just great
value" I liked the use of the meadia player as i am into trance
learning and Stephens easy talking style helps the info go into the
mind comfortably well my main learning curve is his words "You Need to
Satisfy a Problem by Solving it"

I know there is no new fundamentals in the marketing arena only it's
the way one hears the magic of the fundamentals and that can only be
achieved by a successful marketing Genius like yours Truly Stephen
Pierce ... the voice is right the price is right the presentation is
right the content is Right On!!!

Phillip S.

"If he can make it, so can I"

I love the audios and I listened to them several times. I liked the
third influence theory, but wasn't sure why he referred to it as the 3d
influence and not the 2d influence. I got many ideas from his secrets
to wealth. He approached it in a balanced manner: Physical, spiritual,
mental,mentorship, financial, and social (family).

I also loved his personal story. If he can make it, so can I.!

Chris C.

"Everything about these audios are powerful and very helpful"

The revelation of the "Power of the Third Influence" was earth shaking
for me. I clearly saw what I instinctively felt that was holding me
back, but could not define. Now I know. Just this one revelation has
empowered me to begin changing the course of my business life in

I am reminded of two old bromides I heard from my parents; "If you lay
down with dogs you will catch flees" and, "First you make your habits,
then your habits make you." How easily we forget.

Everything about these audios are powerful and very helpful.


"...should be required learning material..."

I've listened to Stephen Pierce's audios a couple of times so far and
in my opinion this should be required learning material for anyone
living on this planet who would like to be successful.

I've purchased quite a few courses in the past on how to make money or
how to be a success and I can say without doubt that Stephen's
revelations are the best information I've ever come across. I think his
audio set will end up being the best investment I've ever made.

Tom Bodner

... immense profits will be your dessert!

"Stephen Pierce's incredibly powerful strategies and techniques have
helped us bring in an additional revenue in the last 5 months. Stephen
Pierce is in the top 1% of marketers and entrepreneurs in the world
today. Eat every word he says up and immense profits will be your

Mike Litman
#1 Best-Selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires

BLAM! The Shot Rang-Out I Fell
To The Ground...Laying There Bleeding, I Knew It Was Time For A Change...
Years Later, I Was Running A
Multi-Million-Dollar Business Making Six Figures A Month Having Fun Working
From Home.

Secrets Of Creating Wealth

My methodology is so simple, it's embarrassing." And I've already
taught hundreds of others in my sold-out $1,000.00 a month coaching
club to follow my path to wealth and fulfillment.

Now I BOLDLY ASSERT I can quickly teach my simple secrets to YOU...
instantly programming your life for success, converting your dreams to
reality, eliminating the factors holding you back from a lifetime of
accomplishment, and launching a bullet proof path for accumulating
wealth! And best of all, you can be on your way to unstoppable
confidence and achievement in under an hour for a fraction of what
anyone has had to pay for access to these secrets.
Secrets Of Creating Wealth

If you've been reading self-help books, going to seminars, and doing
all the "right things" but success has still eluded you, it's probably
not your fault. It's simply because you never learned "The Seven
Secrets of Wealth" or discovered the amazing "Power of the Third

From the desk of Stephen A. Pierce

I still remember being young and dumb and getting evicted from my
apartment and cast out on the mean streets of D.C...Using up all my
chances in school until I was booted out the door during the tenth
grade...Hooked up with the wrong crowd and ended up on the business end
of a Saturday Night Special...And to this day, carry the bullet in my
leg as reminder.

Today, my family runs an endless empire of online businesses, offline
businesses, and a variety of different coaching clubs. I am known as
one of the powerhouses of the Internet and teach others to replicate
our success.

I'm Not Trying to Impress You...I Just Want
You to See YOU Can Have This Same
Kind of Life Yourself!

You are engineered for success. You can't help it. It's in your genes.
It's just that no one ever gave you a roadmap. Imagine how successful
your life could be one year from today if you had a plan of action.

All you need are the keys to success. They aren't a secret. And they're
so simple it will blow your mind. But I'll bet nobody ever told them to
you. (I know nobody told them to me).

But I want you to avoid the struggles I faced to get where I am today.
No, I INSIST on helping you. What would you do if you knew beyond the
shadow of a doubt that you COULD BE SUCCESSFUL?

If you could get you to live the life that you want, would you give
what I have to say a chance? Because I'm being straight with you. Just
a few years ago, I couldn't imagine living the life I live today. Let
me assure - all of it is possible.

You simply need someone to tell you what to do.

Some people say I've been blessed with the Midas touch.
But it wasn't always this way. As you can imagine, doors don't
automatically open for drop-outs. But there's no doubt I were

The Keys To Success

I drifted from failure to failure, always looking for the easy way out.
I used to buy all those $20 books on how to make money with get rich
quick schemes. Some of those ideas were just dumb.

There was the arbitration business, vinyl repair service, and vending
machine route, but nothing worked. But the reason they didn't work was
because I didn't put in any effort. I didn't even bother to read the

I expected fame and fortune were going to drop down out of the sky. It

I expected checks were going to magically appear without any effort.
They didn't.

When I realized it would take more than being positive, saying my
affirmations and being hopeful, I did indeed put forth what I thought
was some sincerely serious effort...yet things still didn't turn

Now please realize, just like you I did not have an overwhelming desire
to be a failure, to file bankruptcy, to be evicted, to take all I own
to pawnshops and live shamefully broke. There was something missing...

The Simple Path From Failure To Success

The path to the top started with baby steps. I read Napoleon Hill's
Think and Grow Rich, W. Clement Stone's Greatest Success Secret, and
Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking. Actually, I didn't
just read them; I devoured them.

No starving man ever appreciated a meal more than I valued these books.
All of a sudden, things didn't seem so bad. After years of stumbling
blindly in the dark, I found the path leading to success. Today, as the
coach to hundreds in my high priced programs, I shortcut their learning

I began to look at my fumbles and bumbles in a new light -- as part of
a learning curve which was now accelerating rapidly. I even discovered
my impressive strength amidst the failures, which I now aimed squarely
at the top. I sharpened my focus and blasted off.

Uncovering Hidden Talents

I took a brutally honest inventory of my skills and started my first
moves online. I hit a number of singles waiting for the right pitch to
blast it out of the park and when I discovered the futures market, I
found my niche.

When I got started online, there were very few trading sites. There
were some forums and newsgroups but that was it. Nothing really solid.
I began studying the market and following the trends. Soon, I caught
the rhythm of the futures market and understood the direction of the

So many people clamored for my scoop on the futures market, I was
forced to throw up my first sites. Then I began emailing my suggested
trades and began to build a following. My daily trades were
outperforming expensive high paid services when out of the blue,
fortune smiled on me. A subscriber wanted to pay me five thousand
dollars to teach him my trading methodology. Instead, I started a paid
subscription service and charged $350 a month. Within days, I had over
one hundred paid subscribers and I making great profits.

My first ebook,Rapid Fire Swing trading sold more than I imagined in
the first fifty days. Rave reviews poured in:

"Hi, Stephen. It has been an excellent experience trading your RF Swing
Trader. I don't know how you do it, but it is fantastic. Keep it coming
and God bless you and yours."

Hilario Vieira
St. Catharines, Canada

Stephen, This week was the first time that I ever made a Futures Trade
and I followed your recommendation for Cotton which gave me a nice
profit in just 3 days. I am anxious to see what you have to offer in
the coming week that can help to add to my profits."

Paul Shoemaker
Woody Point, Newfoundland

"Stephen obviously knows what he is doing, look at the results, but on
top of having incredible results.........he CARES about you as a
trader, and a person.(email him a question, and learn for yourself!!)
For the price of RFST, it will pay for itself many, many, many times

Keith Aitken

Those reviews and hundreds more gave me the drive to go even further.
Other trading products I've launched made Rapid Fire Swing Trading seem
like spare change. Some of these products have made over a million
dollars and they continue to sell through my affiliate connections day
after day.

But this was just the beginning to becoming what many have said is

Overnight Internet Celebrity

The Internet marketing world was filled with distortions, lies, and
hype. When I published The Whole Truth, it was a breath of fresh air.
But I wasn't prepared for the impact that followed.

I revealed some of the most effective marketing techniques and
condemned the deceptive ones. Within days, The Whole Truth blazed new
ground on the Internet and became one of the best selling ebooks of all
time. But less than 20 pages of the book created nonstop controversy.
In those pages I disclosed a strategy that virtually guaranteed top
positions in search engine rankings -- the Smart Pages.

Everyone had an opinion about Smart Pages. The mammoth search
optimization firms hated them because this $97 product outperformed
their outrageously priced services. I was subjected to torrents of
abuse and invective because my product performed as promised. In fact,
rumors surfaced that Google changed the way they ranked pages because
our Smart Pages were making it too easy to rank highly!

And at about that time, I started my Internet Coaching service which is
still active today. I've met thousands of Internet entrepreneurs. Many
of them reaching pinnacles of success; others were scrapping the bottom
when they started. And I began to turn their failures into towering

I reached into my bag of tricks for my exclusive coaching clients and

The Power of The Third Influence

It's not another strategy or tactic that builds wealth; it's an
iron-clad mindset. It means shedding the failure thinking of the past
and locking your compass on your destination and never swerving from
the goal. I'll tell you shortly how quickly and easily you can
accomplish this. Get Started Today!

Have you ever wondered why so many people have read "Think and Grow
Rich" and hundreds of other self-help literature, yet struggle to
accomplish their goals. Clearly, these people have "thought" but they
haven't grown rich. I'm about to reveal what's been missing.

* The single most important thing you must do before you go out and
purchase a single self-help book or audio set. Ignore this and your
purchase will just be another book taking up space on your shelf.
Follow my advice and you'll pocket endless riches.
* How to find out what you really, really want! (Not one person in a
thousand knows this... yet... it's crucial if you want to achieve
your dreams with the least amount of time, effort and struggle on
your part.)
* Why people are programmed for failure. (And... what you absolutely
must do instead to give yourself an "unfair advantage" when it
comes to launching your next effort!)
* Why the Power of the Third Influence is the single most important
indicator of your success! (Most successful businessman won't share
this with outsiders but it's the truth nonetheless.)
* A simple way to eliminate failure thinking. This simple secret was
only known (and used) by my coaching members. Now, they can be in
your hands for instant results.
* The real secrets for making mind-boggling amounts of money and
achieving your dreams! (Only a handful of people ever reach their
goals and those who do never share their secrets.)
* A simple exercise you can do to sleep your way to success! Years
later, I still do this exercise every night without fail and
continue to increase my wealth...and you can too.
* A quick way to zap stress out of your life. No need for years of
therapy. Just follow adopt this instant formula for relief.
* The "missing link" in most self-help books... or... why most people
who try hard to pull themselves up fail in the process. (But once
you discover this missing ingredient, your success is guaranteed!)
* What a simple high school chemistry experiment reveals about your
chances for success. Master this simple lesson and you'll have all
the motivation you need to reach the top and achieve wealth beyond
your wildest dreams.
* How to reverse the lack of poverty in your life and stop failure
dead in its tracks. You'll taste the sweetness of wealth and
yesterday's failures will rocket you forward to tomorrow's
* How to recognize the presence of the Third Influence in your life
and how you can harness it so your success can go on autopilot.

It doesn't matter what you have in your bank account or what your
current assets are. I know you can have the breakthroughs you desire
and start living a fulfilling life.

Activate the Power of the Third Influence In Your Life

Since sharing my success mindset with my coaching members, they've been
begging me for a product they could share with their friends and

These people -- among them the sharpest marketers in the world -- have
read all the self-help books, bought all the tape sets, and attended
all the seminars.

But only after learning about the Power of The Third Influence, did
everything connect for them.

Up until this point, the ONLY way to discover how to harness the Power
of the Third Influence was to be a member of my coaching club and pay
$1,000.00 every month.

But, I believe in giving back to the community. I tithe 15% of my
income to Church and several other organizations worthy of support.
Releasing these audios to the public is one more way of giving.

My Problem, Your Bargain

I'm not going to charge you what others have paid for this information.
No way. Your cost is just $67 which is about 1% of what the others have

Prove It To Yourself!

Here's the deal, just say yes and you will get instant access to the
Seven Secrets of Wealth, Listen to the audios as as soon as you get it.
Follow the simple action plan. Watch for a change in your attitude
followed by a huge change in your financial situation.

Take thirty, fourty, 56 days to apply the Power of the Third Influence
in your life.

Yours Today for ONLY $67


(Display purposes only, Secrets of Wealth is delivered digitally)

The Secrets of Creating Wealth contains my ultra-secret formulas for
developing an instant success mindset.

See You At The Top,


Stephen Pierce

PS. Remember, you have access to the same winner's mindset only
available to my exclusive coaching members for less than 1% of what
they had to pay. Just $67 for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

I Want the Secrets of Creating Wealth

Stephen Pierce International, Inc. 101 W. Washington Ave, #214
Whitney,TX 76692

Copyright 2009 Stephen Pierce International Inc. All rights reserved

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